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AirPods Unboxing & Review!

AirPods Unboxing & Review!

AirPods Unboxing & Review! this is made with amazing quality. All manned so this is exactly the same size as a regular earphones But now wirelessly. I remember when these things were just a concept back in the day and I thought it was impossible , there was no way, but now we can see this so soon and this is testament rate here,  the future is here now.

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I know apple isn’t the only company that’s doing this kind of stuff but that’s just incredible we have 4 hour battery life little budget gestures and sensors inside amazing  that is cool.  with many tiny details this AirPods, basically we have microphone,  infrared sensory,  gestures sensor, and a Mike for the noise cancellation who’s got a shiny silver part too. with indication left and right . they are made in metal.

AirPods are HERE! Unboxing & Full Review + Fully Wireless Comparison vs Lightning EarPods Sound Quality Test.

159,00 US$

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