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Trident kLoader beta 2 jailbreak 32bits

Trident kLoader beta 2 jailbreak 32bits

The iOS 9.x for 32bits device jailbreak is unstable, use at your own risk. If you’re not a developer, you probably don’t need it.

Just downgraded my 5 (9.3.3) to 6.1.3 with that Chinese kLoader IPA.

the original trident didn’t work for me but the beta 2 that was released recently worked like a charm.

install this spa with cydia impactor

The Trident Kloaderibss beta 2 jailbrealk 32bits

Edit: Trident is the Jailbreak made for specific 32Bit devices on 9.3-9.3.4

If anyone is interested ‘Trident beta 2’ works for downgrade too



source :



Trident Root Access App for iOS 9.3-9.3.4, Only available for 32bit devices

About: Trident is an incomplete iOS 9.3 jailbreak with the possibility of becoming a fully jailbreak tool.

This app is not meant for people who don’t know what they are doing nor is it meant to be used as a full jailbreak, the app only gives root acces allowing for users to ‘SSH’ into their device and browse files.
I do not take any responsibility if you use this app on your device.

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