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iPhoneActivatorTool 1.0 with terminal

  Under developer , this tool its for mac , you must try with terminal , it seems work some devices under IOS 7.1.2 try please let me know if there is some progress ( NOT RESTORED ) if your iphone is locked only with message or not , but …

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inject the cert & key to albert.apple

inject the cert & key to albert.apple  Certificates : DOWNLOAD  Tutorial     1-Download and install XAMPP     2-Open file explorer and go to C:\xampp (or where you installed XAMPP).     3-Go to htdocs folder an create a folder called deviceservices.     4-create a folder called deviceactivation. …

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Find my phone its ON of OFF

Find my phone its ON of OFF _ Already pass 8 months since I keep this website to help people solution to unlock devices , So yesterday in one of my test iphones 5S i realized that the previous owner had deleted or shout down the find my phone, and iCloud off, …

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R4z3r.apk.zip file ( android version)

R4z3r icloud bypass info

R4z3r.apk.zip file ( android version) you can install this application directly from playstore INSTRUCTION ———————————– Adding your iDevices ———————————– 1) Click the “Add Device” button on the top navigation pane 2) Click “Select your iDevice…” and choose which one to add 3) Begin filling in the boxes, starting from your …

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Send to Apple for unlock iCloud

How Send iPhone to Apple for unlock iCloud The secret of iCloud removers  Send to Apple for unlock iCloud , How IMEI unlock works This method its not legit but many people with GSX use this, why is so expensive and why take days to unlock your idevice , i write …

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Icloud activation server file

 Icloud activation server file, ICloud Patcher Tool , ionic Activation Bypass and  iCloud Unlocking 85% chances review   ladies and gentleman as we are crossing a new cycle of bypass activation seems we already see this movie in the past but came again and again , many activations server methods, windows software released , …

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