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Apple iPhone Event 2018 Keynote Live stream, live blog

Apple iPhone Event 2018 Keynote Live stream, live blog

Starting time:

San Francisco: 10AM / New York: 1PM / London: 6PM / Berlin: 7PM / Moscow: 8PM / New Delhi: 10:30PM / Beijing: 1AM (September 13th) / Tokyo: 2AM (September 13th) / Sydney: 3AM (September 13th)

Apple iPhone Event 2018 Keynote Live stream, live blog

What to expect:

    • 3 iPhones: iPhone Xr, iPhone Xc, iPhone Xs Max

    • Apple Watch Series 4

    • More iOS 12/tvOS 12/watchOS 5 Details

    • AirPower news

  • Wireless charging case for AirPods

What may be presented:

    • AirPods 2

    • iPad updates

  • Mac updates (iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook)

How to tune in to today’s event:

“This stream is best experienced on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Safari on iOS 10 or later; a Mac using Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or later; or a PC using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay requires an Apple TV (2nd generation or later) with the latest Apple TV software or tvOS. Other platforms may also be able to access the stream using recent versions of Chrome or Firefox (MSE, H.264, and AAC required).”

Apple iPhone Event 2018 Keynote Live stream, live blog

we hope to see also a new iPad Pro is one of my favorite tech toys of all time and might be #1. I’m super excited to see where they go with it, but a couple things have me a little worried:

This is one of the devices where I really don’t want super thin bezels due to the nature of the way you naturally hold it. Phones you basically cradle in your palm, but iPads you tend to hold more like a book. I know they would probably get palm-rejection working right, but I’m afraid my hands would always be getting in the way of the screen all the time. The 10.5 is perfect in regards to bezels IMO.

There are rumors that the smart connector will be moved to where the device is in portrait mode if you use a keyboard with it, but this just seems too insane to me (however, apparently some of the leaked cases coming out seem to support this rumor, but I can’t imagine this being true).

There is also a rumor that it will use FaceID but it will only work in portrait mode. I definitely use my iPad in landscape mode 95+% of the time, so this would be super annoying. Again, just a rumor and it seems crazy Apple would do this so I think this is highly unlikely.

I can’t imagine Apple making so many sacrifices like this, so hopefully, these are just rumors that don’t turn out to be true.

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