Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

Apple iPhone X Unboxing! This is the one we’ve been waiting for. I told you to skip iPhone 8 for this is the one that represents the future of Apple smartphones.

this is iPhone 10 and while it doesn’t say X anywhere on the front of the box people are pretty much always going to call this one the X. I’ve just accepted that. so this is our first look at the unboxing experience and spoiler.

It’s pretty much exactly the same as iPhone 8 size and including almost every other iPhone headphones adapter, stickers. That’s all in the box but I guess it’s a good thing there are no surprises here.

So the only thing that was actually new during the setup of iPhone 10 is now you set up face ID during first boot instead of the fingerprint touch ID. This is brand new and it’s been a couple weeks since we last saw this phone at that Apple event so seeing it again for the second time is kind of a reminder of all the things that are new about.

Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

Apple iPhone X Unboxing! Obviously, the biggest difference is the display up front the 5.8 inch OLED corner-to-corner screen that fits in a footprint smaller than the iPhone 8 plus which has a smaller screen. Naturally pretty much all the focus is going to be on that and the notch at the top and how apps handle it etc. I can tell you that aside from all the incompatible apps, I’ve come across that are going to have to get updated my experience with the display panel itself has been pretty decent.

So far it’s bright, the contrast is great calibrated definitely not oversaturated like some old LEDs . Just handling and playing with this phone it’s answered. Some immediate questions that I had about it from the last review.

Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

First of all since there’s no home button obviously you have that swipe up gesture to go home but we were wondering how do you take a screenshot that is power and volume up. that’s the new screenshot combo for iPhone 10 and then since holding the power button now goes to Siri.

how do you turn the phone off well it’s gonna be long pressing the power button and volume up key and that’ll get you to see that power off menu. Those are two new key combos to memorize. obviously, when you get rid of a button there’s a whole bunch of swiping and gestures to replace it.

So there’s a multitasking and app switching motions which are pretty similar but both kind of useful in their own way depending on how you use the phone really. that’s on top of a screenshot and power off combos plus long holding the power button for Siri and double pressing it for Apple pay.  basically there’s a lot going on.  The biggest differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 is the new front-facing camera suite up at the top in that notch the IR blaster the depth sensor etc and all that enables a couple of new things with this phone number one is obviously the Face ID.

Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

The setup is pretty quick and painless and it’s been working pretty well. it works as advertised as far as being smart and not easily spoofed you can see the little lock under the time when the phone is locked. Basically instead of placing your fingerprint the phone will not unlock until you look at the phone. it doesn’t work with a picture of you it doesn’t work when you’re looking away it doesn’t work when your eyes are closed it just basically waits until it sees the setup process.

it’s good to go, so no,  your girl can’t unlock your phone while you’re asleep with your eyes closed. There’s no doubt Apple is getting better and better with time and software updates.


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