audio production on latest ipad pro 12.9-inch display

Audio Engineer tries to MIX MUSIC on iPad Pro

Audio production on latest ipad pro 12.9-inch display. Apple these days introduced an all-new 10.5-inch iPad pro – professional and a brand new 12.9-inch iPad pro – for professionals, that includes the world’s most advanced device with ProMotion technology and unimaginable performance with the new A10X Fusion chip. The new 10.5-inch model reduces the borders associate an implausibly compact package that also weighs only 1 pound. Combined with powerful new iPadpro using the iOS 12 , just like the all-new performance apps, customizable Dock, improved multitasking and deeper integration of Apple Pencil, iPadpro made for professional provides users the power to be even a lot of productive and artistic special for audio production on latest ipad pro 12.9-inch display.

audio production on latest ipad pro 12.9-inch display

As you can see in this video Audio Engineer tries to MIX MUSIC on iPad Pro and they are amazed with these devices. by far the foremost powerful iPads apple ever created with the world’s most advanced displays that includes audio tools, stereo speakers integrated with powerful new A10X Fusion chip. also the advanced camera system. Together with iOS 12 these new iPadpro models will transform the way you edit audio.

audio production on latest ipad pro 12.9-inch display

We 100% absolutely agree with wanting to see what was happening on the iPad display especially with someone like Ken Lewis whose track record is about as legitimate as it gets . he’s a multi Grammy winner he’s mixed engineered produced written songs for everyone from Kanye West to Mary Jane, is absolute insanity. so to have someone like that in the room not only with his knowledge but just reacting. Having a pure genuine moment mixing on the iPad for the first time. I think is invaluable this video is kind of put together for educational feel style video. kind of similar to what we did with the editing on the iPad pro video. we not a hundred percent sure if we gonna leave this up publicly. might switch it to unlisted and then link it back to the original video. for those that want to see more of an educational site but if you guys dig this and you think it’s worth leaving up let me know with a comment down below and also follow me on twitter and with that said let’s go and check out henny mixing with Ken Lewis on the iPad for the first time in his life.

so what I had is basically three different ideas right the piece with just kinda like the drums the swing part and the bass in the sample light in the string sample right. then like it gets funky and you take the string sample out and it kinda has the pianos and synth that’s part of a different part of the sequence. then throughout we could try to figure out how to bring those lives.


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