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Backing Up Your iPad Through iCloud Backup

Backing Up Your iPad Through iCloud Backup

To correctly backing up your Ipad with iCloud the first thing you’re gonna want to do is go into your IOS settings and click on iCloud. you’re gonna wanna make sure some of your settings are on you wanna make sure like contacts, calendars, safari Is on.  Make sure find my iPad is on and then photostream.

If you have another iOS device such as an iPhone or another iPad if you turn this on it will automatically sync your photos between devices. if you do not have another iOS device there’s no reason to turn it off. You wanna make sure documents and data are turned on as this will back up all your documents and files. then if you’re going to storage and backup please click manage storage. click on, your iPad it will show a list of all the apps that will be going to backup. Some of these apps you do not need to backup such as Google drive because it’s already stored in the cloud seeking. Turn that off and that will save you some storage on your iCloud storage. Go back, you wanna make sure iCloud backup is turned on. And that should be it. if all its ok your iPad will be automatically backup everytime you connect to wifi.

Backing Up Your iPad Through iCloud Backup

how to back Up Your iPad Through iCloud Backup


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