Backup old iPhone – restore brand new iPhone 8 iPhone 10

Backup old iPhone – restore brand new iPhone 8 iPhone 10. So if you just picked up one of these new devices I’m gonna show you how to retain all your contacts, text messages, apps. basically everything and transfer it straight over to your brand new iPhone 8 or iPhone x.

How to backup old iPhone and restore brand new iPhone 8 iPhone 10

Backup old iPhone - restore brand new iPhone 8 iPhone 10

If your have for example iPhone 7 plus but this will also work for any other iPhone .This is gonna be a very very simple process. Just go and set up both phones side by side and on the old phone that’s currently activated. Now let’s go ahead to automatic settings. First we make on old iphone iCloud backup. make sure you back this shouldn’t take too long.

Backup old iPhone – Restore brand new iPhone 8 iPhone 10

Press into quick start if you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 bring it nearby to sign in automatically so if you are currently on iOS 11 this is gonna be the way to go choose your Wi-Fi network. You can make one itunes iCloud backup if you prefer to do it on the computer but I would recommend iCloud because it makes everything so much easier. You should activate right away . click on next and now we’re going to go ahead and restore from our iCloud backup.

Backup old iPhone - restore brand new iPhone 8 iPhone 10

so first we’re going to set up touch ID you could set it up later if you want. I recommend you start out by doing it so go ahead and place your finger on here multiple times and different areas. click on continue then it’s gonna want you to create a passcode now, unfortunately, you can’t skip this you used to be able to skip this but you can’t anymore it looks like so we could just create.

To finish the process now we going to get apps and data section which is where we’re actually going to restore from our iCloud or iTunes backup. so if you did all steps your new iphone will restore from iTunes / icloud backup.

The option restores from iCloud backup you need to sign in to your iCloud account right on the phone. Updating iCloud settings. start restoring from iCloud or from itunes whatever you chose right here and again this could take a little while if you do have a lot of things.


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