BEST Cydia Tweaks – iOS 11-11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak

BEST Cydia Tweaks – iOS 11-11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak. All right so you’ve jailbroken with Electra you’ve got Cydia you’ve installed a few tweaks but you’re not quite sure what other tweaks to install. so I’m here to make your choice a little easier. my top 20 iOS 11 Cydia tweaks on the lockscreen this week is called lockpro and basically, it’ll allow you to add widgets to your lockscreen. it does come with quite a few cool settings in here so you’ve got a feature – basically, every time you put your device face down it will lock the devices.
BEST Cydia Tweaks - iOS 11-11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak
BEST Cydia Tweaks – iOS 11-11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak
So that’s pretty cool you can also hide unwanted things on the lock screen so you can also hide the date and time which is something I do recommend to do if you do have a date and time widget enabled you can also hide stuff on the iPhone 10 for example like the lock icon you can also hide the home bar you can hide the flashlight and the camera button and a few more cool things you can also have animated weather on the lockscreen which is cool and basically how you enable themes and stuff is on the lockscreen.
You swipe down from the middle of the screen like this and then you tap on themes and you’ve got a bunch of themes to choose from you’ve got different sections here you’ve got all themes you’ve got top themes and the fresh themes if you’re wondering about my current setup here with the wallpaper and everything I basically have the DD triple-a theme with the world wallpaper enabled so that is how I got this look on my lock screen so after you have enabled your theme and everything I do recommend disabling the lock + interaction here then when your device is locked and you swipe down it won’t actually show the bar on the top of there and also you will be able to access your notifications and stuff so the next trick I’m going to show you guys it’s called banner lock and basically it will color the banners on your lock screen and also your notification center force because they’re pretty much the same thing and they will basically be a similar color to the actual app icon which I really like.
 BEST Cydia Tweaks – iOS 11-11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak

If we jump into the banner lock settings here you actually have a few cool options here so another cool thing I love about banner lock is that when your phone is locked with face ID or even touch ID you can enable this it will basically completely hide the note like completely and then when you look at your device or if you place your finger on the touch ID sensor. it will actually show the rest of the notification here which is better than what Apple actually gives you so that is pretty cool to keep prying eyes off your device unfortunately as of right now it doesn’t cover the notifications that come through on your device, only the ones in the notification center and the home screen this next week is called Noctis 11 and basically it’s a dark mode for your iOS device. I have made a full post on this so you guys can go and check it out.
it’ll basically theme your widgets and also your notifications if of course you don’t have banner lock installed it will steam it and give it kind of a dark mode which I really like and also this dark mode is for a few apps right now I’ve got Eclipse ten enabled in here but it’s basically a smarter version of smart invert and it also does work very well with another tweak called Eclipse ten which I will talk about a little later this is another pretty cool tweak is called legibility and basically it will allow you to have a custom color for your buttons on the lockscreen and also your status bar so as you can see here my status bar does look a little bit different from stock iOS.
It is colored which I really like and also on the lockscreen here I do kind of have the status bar and the buttons here be the same color as this widget which I’ve got here using lock plus Pro if we jump in through the legibility settings here you could choose the primary color and you can also choose a secondary color and you could choose a bunch of different things here in these settings which I really like this next week is a classic probably most of you have heard of it it’s called anemone and basically this will allow you to theme your device and give it the look you’ve always wanted with an M&E; you can install a bunch of themes from Cydia an anemone will not only allow you to theme your icons but it will also allow you to add widgets like the one that I’ve got up here and also enable custom fonts so as you can see the font in my settings here looks a little bit different from stock iOS and if we jump into the anemone application here you can enable and disable themes and stuff like that which is very very cool.
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