Change Press to Unlock customize iphone x

Change Press to Unlock customize iphone x. how to change the press home to unlock text. it appears on the lock screen of your device very easily. without the need of jailbreak as you can see in this video. have custom text. Recently posted on my blog How to install FilzaJailed iOS 11.1.2.

  1. filzajailed ios 11.1.2
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This application that allows you to get control of the operating system and pretty much change the strings and the fonts and anything within the iOS11. if you’re not an advanced user or not fill comfortable with this please stay away. Because you could corrupt the operating system forcing you to restore and losing the data on your device so I’m going to show you how to change again the text of the lock screen. let’s go ahead, we want to go to the files of application if you haven’t installed this yet or have a direct link in the description down below for my tutorial on how to install it.

Change Press to Unlock customize iphone x

The first thing you want to do is once you launch the FilzaJailed application you want to go back all the way back until you go to this – that you see here so once we’re there we’re gonna go to system library scroll down. we’re gonna go to services springboard. app and in this section you’re gonna go ahead and choose the language now for me is gonna be English

so whatever language you have set up on your device you choose that and then we’ll go ahead and click on springboard strings and click on the root for that particular partition there. we’re gonna go all the way down until we find the press home to unlock or the press home to open that’s going to look for that okay so here it is press home to open press home to unlock.

Change Press to Unlock customize your iphone

we’re gonna go in here and where it says value right here’s . where you’re going to go ahead and input the text of whatever it is that you want on the lock screen.

so I pre copied on the video idevicehacks go there and then we’re gonna go to press home to unlock as well and change the values. here as well so we’re going to button and do that and once we do this all we have to do is reboot your devices. click done and now we’re going to reboot. you’re gonna have the custom text right there on the bottom of the screen.

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