How to Check Bad Battery Capacity on iPhone

How to Check Bad Battery Capacity on iPhone. Apple just officially confirmed that it is technically slowing down some iPhones and the question is what is actually happened in short. we going to cover this problem.

How to check if Apple is slowing down your iPhone

Apple is on the limiting processor performance by force with batteries that have started glossing their capacity after a round of thousand chargers. lithium batteries stopped functioning properly and within as little as 50 to 60 percent of original charges.

that’s why your device tends to have much worse battery life compared to the newer devices. if you use a iPhone every day or don’t have the best practice of preserving your battery. you can see performance drops

The solution can pass from buying a new iphone.

How to Check Bad Battery Capacity on iPhone

That means if older phone battery capacity is slow then you will getting lower processor performance because the low capacity battery doesn’t have enough power to run full performance.

how to check the battery capacity on your device?

so first you need to install an app Lirum Device Info Lite Direct download from app store.

if you want to see battery capacity then you need to go to that tools then you will see the battery. Go to the battery, you will see the battery status so here you can see the % of battery and check the capacitor battery.

How to Check Bad Battery Capacity on iPhone


for example if you have one iPad Mini 2 and it’s already 4 years old device you don’t expect much. Wait for the new iOS version update. Apple will release iOS 11.3.x with more details section of your battery in Jan 2018. Then just update when it’s out. Also, Apple has also introduced $29 battery replacement option for all.

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