How to Delete Old iCloud Backups from iPhone/iPad

How to Delete Old iCloud Backups from iPhone/iPad ios11. Today we going to show you how to delete iCloud backups. the reasons you want to do this are like if you got a new phone and you don’t need the old backup anymore you can delete it. Because you don’t have so much available free space on your iCloud backup. it’s like 5 gigs and if you go over that you’re going to have to buy more. So if you have multiple devices on here and you’re not going to use one or whatever the case. if you need buy more space check with Apple price list.

We going to show you how to delete it right from your iPhone with latest ios11. You need to go to settings and then you’re going to go to iCloud and then you’re going to type storage and backup. now you can see all your Apple devices connected to your icloud.

how to delete the old backups?

you’re going to manage storage and then you can see your names iPhone right there. You can see a little nice bar down there showing you what’s available icloud space. but if you had to delete it you just scroll and you just click on it wait for it to pop up and then you can see all the backups and all the apps you’re backing up.

You can just hit delete backup and then it’ll ask you one more time for sure. You just hit turn off and delete. if you were going to be sure. you just hit that and it would delete it completely.

How to Delete Old iCloud Backups from iPhone/iPad

What this is going to do is you’ll no longer have that backup so you would definitely want to make sure that you delete the right one because you don’t want to delete the latest backup. Let’s say your phone breaks take the Apple store and get a replacement you’re not going to need the backup of the original phone after you get your new phone just login with your icloud id and restore with the latest backup. So be sure what are you deleting from icloud.


If there are too many iCloud backups on your device and some of them are unneeded, you can remove them to free up storage. Those steps as below can be conducive to delete the iCloud backups:

1.Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2.Tap on iCloud. 3.Tap on Storage.

4.Tap on the backup you’d like to delete.

5.Tap on Delete Backup.

6.Tap on Turn Off & Delete in the popup menu.

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