Downgrade iphone IOS 10 to ios 9.x

Downgrade iphone IOS 10 to ios 9.x

Two developers @alitek123 and @Thmitt have downgraded 9.3.5 -> 9.x , which means that 32 bit devices stuck on 9.3.5 could possibly be jailbroken.

Downgrade is possible if you previous saved your blobs . This new method is not working for all devices but you can definitely use this new restore bug to downgrade your iPhone for older version of apple firmware. with rerestore tool for mac or linux softare using a simple commands options you will remove your newest firmware only if you save shsh / blobs ofourse  .

If this not working with you, there is still hope. While not promising 32 bit support for their upcoming jailbreak, the FriedAppleTeam dev team have not denied that it is possible to port it to 32 bit. It might also be possible to re-encrypt the root filesystem DMG and thus make ASR happy. I’ll take a look at the DMG format specification and the source code of xpwn/dmg later and see if it is possible to make a reverse tool. The encryption itself is symmetric and the checksum.

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