New method to Downgrade without SHSH blobs

New method to Downgrade with SHSHs A5

OdysseusOTA tool allows you to downgrade iPhone 4s and iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3 without SHSH blobs

This tool is for everyone who saved his SHSHs using TinyUmbrella and is attempting to downgrade his iDevice using Odysseus.

TinyUmbrella stores all SHSHs in one file, which does not work with Odysseus. Using this tool, you can generate seperate files for each blob.

I only recommend experienced developer use this tool.


  • Only works on Linux as of now! Tested on elementary OS 0.3 / Ubuntu 14.04
  • Download executable from here (tested on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit) or compile main.cpp using g++ 4.9 or later with the -std=c++11 flag
  • Make sure perl is installed on your computer
  • Make sure plutil.pl is in the same directory as the executable
  • get your TinyUmbrella SHSH file, place it in the same directory as the executable and rename it toblobs.shsh
  • run the executable
  • now you should have all your SHSHs in sperate files. Be sure to validate them using validateprovided by Odysseus.

This method uses a tool incuded within winocm’s ios-kexec-utils. The tool, kloader, is a CLI that you can run on an iOS device that loads an (decrypted) image. It requires a jailbreak currently to run kloader on the device. Odyssseus is fairly simple for the experienced user. It is a tool that allows you to bootstrap a pwned iBSS and then initiate a restore using iDeviceRestore with a custom iPSW that will effectively downgrade/upgrade/restore to any firmware you have valid blobs and an APTicket for. Note: this does not change your baseband, so if you go too far up or down then the core OS will not understand the new software and YMMV.


New method to Downgrade with SHSHs

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