Face ID flaw: Kid unlocks mom’s iPhone X

Face ID flaw: Kid unlocks mom’s, iPhone X. you don’t need to be an expert hacker to crack face ID on the iPhone 10. Maybe you just have to be a kid that looks a lot like your mom or dad. Apples facial recognition system is facing new criticism after a ten-year-old kid was able to unlock his mom’s iPhone. The family posted a video to YouTube showing the trick in an interview with Wired. the father said that he and his wife were surprised.

when their son just unlocked her phone with a glance and although it was funny at first now the mom knows she can’t keep things secret on her phone using face ID. As for the dad’s phone his son was able to unlock it once but it didn’t work again since.

the father shared these details in a blog post he wrote on LinkedIn. now Apple has said the biometric security system can be fooled by family members that look alike.

but this is the first time we’re hearing reports of a young child unlocking their parent’s phones showing how face ID is less secure than a fingerprint scam. reporters at Wired asked the mom to register her face with the system under different lighting conditions to see what would happen.

they found that when her face was registered with indoor nighttime lighting it was easier for her son to fool the phone. So if your kid could unlock your phone maybe try reteaching the system your face under better lighting or just give up on biometrics and use a passcode every time like this family.  if you have had any issues with face ID be sure to report to apple to solve the problem.


Face ID flaw: Kid unlocks mom’s, iPhone X


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