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icloudbypass.zip. icloud_bypass.zip. Bypassicloud.zip

After Doulciteam death R4zer was one of the ex-member team keep talking about the icloud bypass, the last 2 month all doulci information was nothing then lies. Almost 99% of icloud bypass talk and promises are fake, scammers or try to get easy many from peoples hope. Today, “Razor” release a small video again related to icloud,” Find my phone OFF ” like before, we sow doulci activator 2.0 software frame on his web page but never came to daylight. This new Find my phone OFF, we don’t no if its for iPhone , or whatever, and why he uses iphone5s and software says iPhone 6 . All know they just want to get time and internet traffic for his webpage.  So i am not confident about this video even the godless promises about removing icloud . More and more people are giving up of waiting for a free icloud bypass but this seems dont have end because they sell the locked devices to a newbie and the new people came to internet try find easy and free unlock icloud. Thats it !!!

so here is the information :

new icloud activation method tutorial with fiddler 2015

R4z3r’s Activator v1.0.1.zip  


Find My iPhone Off! Os x v1.0.1 video

DOWNLOAD R4z3r’s Activator v1.0.1.zip, icloud bypass icloudbypass.zip. icloud_bypass.zip. Bypassicloud.zip icloud bypass tools. icloud bypass free software

 DOWNLOAD R4z3r’s Activator v1.0.1.zip ( not official )someone send to me but do not work ————– iphone 4 icloud_bypass.zip




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