How to get virtual Home Button on iPhone X

How to get virtual Home Button on iPhone X. As we all know iPhone x don’t have a home button, but today we going to show you a great tip on your iPhone 10. How to get Home Button on iPhone X

How to get a virtual home button on iPhone x. we know we don’t have a whole bunch on the iPhone 10 and it takes some time to get used to these swiping and new gestures on the new iPhone. if you want to use the virtual home button  here’s how you do:

How to get virtual Home Button on iPhone X

Go to Settings General accessibility – scroll down press assistive touch enable it go to custom menu, tap all the way down till you get to one number. Click the custom select home button and all done now when you go home and double tap go into the multitasker. If you’re in Safari tap once takes you back home so that’s how you get a virtual home button on iPhone X.


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