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How Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to new iPhone

How Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to new iPhone
Lets start, we have the iPhone 6 plus and want to change everything to the new iPhone 7 plus here we’re going to take everything off iphone 6 and move it over to new one in 2 simple steps the first step is going to backing up our old iphone the second part is going to  restoring on the new iphone .
 How Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to new iPhone

-Backup Your Old iPhone and Restore to new iPhone:

First thing we need to do is go into settings select settings and we’re going to backup using iCloud if you haven’t done that already. let’s roll down until we get to iCloud. You’re going to iCloud and this will give your information, how much storage you have available but what we want is at the bottom so scroll down you’ll see make a backup so go to back up make sure to turn on if its not turned on and hit back up now.
If you don’t back up now you won’t get everything in the new idevice so we need to do that. use  wifi while you’re doing the backup. to completed it can took more then 10 minutes, if it’s your first backup could take actually a couple hours. Now lets restore on the new iphone. started up the iPhone 7 plus let’s go ahead and turn it on . Select your language. you have to create a new passcode so do that. Passcode entered this is the part we really care about going to restore from an iCloud backup if you use I tunes you can restore from iTunes backup or an android phone if you have one of those. Or best way is restore from an iCloud backup that we’re going to put in our apple ID and password the same one that we had on the backup iphone 6.  then we’ll wait a few moments are few minutes for it to set that up now here’s the part we actually saved before when we backed up the phone . Apple devices that are safe and backed up and so what you want to do is if you have an iPad or something else just restore from the one you want to use.
Wait for it to restore now this is going to take some time actually restores this takes awhile and that’s kind of a 2 part process going to restore that will reboot and let you use the iphone while it restores all your apps in the background . about 25 minutes what will do is complete the restore,  reboot and then install all your apps.
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