How force reboot or hard reset iPhone x

How force reboot or hard reset iPhone x. How To Hard Reset iPhone X 10. Now you may want to do this for several reasons the iPhone could get slow you just want to wipe out everything that’s running in the background and just start fresh. Force restart and force reboot iOS 11. now it’s very different across many iPhones if you have an iPhone at 7 or 7 plus, It’s a different method iPhone 8 and 8 plus and different method and iPhone 6s or below.

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To reboot iPhone 6s or below all those models with clickable home buttons you need press home and power button together until you see the Apple logo show up on your screen, that is how you’re gonna force restart or force a reboot an iPhone for that particular category of iPhones.

Now on an iPhone 7 iPhone 7 to have which called a solid state home button. The click is mimicked by software it’s not really clicking so how do you use this to force restart on an iPhone 7. most of you guys may know this but some of you may not the power button and the volume down button together just like we did with the older iPhone the only difference here is the volume down takes over the home button.

How force reboot or hard reset iPhone x

In this case, now you hold it until you see the Apple logo and it’s going to reboot. where it gets really interesting it’s gonna be on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus and of course the iPhone 10.  On the iPhone 8 iOS 11, Apple added SOS the ability to hold volume up or down plus power to invoke the emergency SOS.  so if you hold it and try to do the same thing you did on iPhone 7 it’s not gonna work.

If you try it with the volume up and power again it’s gonna give you SOS emergency call. Does it work well on iPhone 8 and 8 plus and of course the iPhone 10. Apple has renamed the power button or sleep/wake button to a side button. This is not considered a side button, what you want to do is you want to go ahead and click volume up, volume down and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo appear on your screen. This is gonna force reboot or hard to reset your iPhone 8 and of course iPhone 10 as well. It’s gonna be a software change in these devices because Apple added the ability to press and hold on these buttons on the side.

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In case your iPhone is being stolen to activate the emergency SOS. When somebody tries to take your phone you can easily grip your phone press 5 times power button and it’s gonna activate automatically emergency SOS. because you’re gripping here and gripping here and you can easily activate that and if you keep holding SOS. Will actually call emergency services after a few seconds.


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