How to Unjailbreak iOS 12 with Unc0ver

How to Unjailbreak iOS 12 with Enc0ver. all you have to do is go into the uncovered jailbreak application as you can see on this picture, jailbreak is currently enabled but it doesn’t matter if your jailbreak is or is not enabled. You just have to go into the application like this is the same one that you use to jailbreak. you go to the Settings icon right down at the very bottom. Now we’re gonna scroll down just a tiny bit to this restore root FS recover option right there and essentially this is how you unjailbreak .

Remove Unc0ver iOS12

How To Jailbreak 12.0-12.1.2
How To Jailbreak 12.0-12.1.2

All you got to do is toggle that guy on right there and this is going to remove all of your jailbreak related data. This is not going to restore your device this is not going to remove any personal data. This is only going to remove the jailbreak it going to remove Cydia and it’s going to remove all of your tweaks and all of the tweak preferences as well. If you guys recall on the very first time that you jailbroke your device this utility created a root filesystem snapshot and now with this restore root filesystem option checked right here it’s going to revert back to the state where it was before you did the jailbreaking or modified any files.

unjailbreak iOS12

Again this is just going to remove jailbreak related data and your personal data is entirely safe that being said it’s always a good idea to do an iTunes backup on the computer before performing a process like this all right. With that checked literally all you have to do is go back to the jailbreak icon tab and then click REjailbreak now.This will entirely remove my jailbreak. Just clicked re-jailbreak again this is technically going to unjailbroken with the root FS restore option checked. Go ahead and we go through the jailbreak process right up until it gets to about step 21. it says notice will restore root FS this may take a while don’t exit the app and don’t lock the device now all you have to do is click OK on my iPhoneX this process usually goes really quickly but for whatever reason.

when I do it on my iPhone 5s this process can take up to 15 to 20 minutes to actually complete. just leave your device sitting there it’s probably just going to stay on this screen right here right after you click OK. you will eventually be prompted once more or your device will restart at some point.

Remove, Uninstall Unc0ver iOS12

The root filesystem has been successfully restored the device will now be restarted. If you get that notice everything was performed correctly we can go ahead and click OK and just like the prompts said your device will now restart and once it boots back up all of your jailbreak related files will be removed and you will be reverted back to a stock version of iOS again .

Cydia has been entirely removed all of its dependencies and all of its files are no longer there only the icon is showing. To fix that we’re gonna go into the Settings app we’re gonna go to general and then we’re gonna go to reset settings. Reset settings the only way that I’ve really found to remove the Cydia icon.

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