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iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak Exploit Released

iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak Exploit Released! Google’s Project Zero Team Publicly Releases iOS 10.1.1 Exploit, Luca Todesco to Work on Public Jailbreak Release!

We Are SO Close to an iOS 10 Jailbreak! How To Prepare Your Device For Freedom on iOS 10.1.1.

1. Project Zero & the iOS 10.1.1 exploit they released today
2. Luca Todesco planning to build a jailbreak on top of this exploit
3. How you should prepare for the iOS 10 jailbreak

How to prepare your idevice for the jailbreak because it’s very very likely that we will be seeing one very soon.  The project zero team dedicated finding bugs, exploits has just released 2 major exploits, a kernel exploits and a root access exploit for IOS10.1.1.  they did release this basically it’s telling us step by step how to code this exploit and get it running on your idevice.  This is not a jailbreak out of a box operate this will need a disassembled lego code. that’s all great but it’s up to the task for almost of the people so thats why Luka tadesco has basically went out and said that he will try to finish whatever project zero drops and write a full jailbreak on top. stay on IOs10.1.1  especially on iPhone 7 . he says he will write a jailbreak not that he will release but at the same time he encourages us to stay on a on 10.1.1 firmware, that is a little bit of hope he will release this if he does assembly there’s really no reason for him not to release it because this is a public exploit .

project zero iOS 10.1.1 download files 

Basically this exploit gives you root access into the iPhone we just needs to be re written and released in a tool. so this doesn’t guarantee a jailbreak 100%  will be coming from lucas tadesco, also we can hope Pangu and Taig release their own tools for jailbreak IOS10.1.1



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