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iOS 12 Beta 7 More Features updated and Changes

iOS 12 Beta 7 More Features updated and Changes. New iOS12 Beta 7 is out and have had no issues, it’s very smooth, and this is the first Beta that connected to CarPlay immediately without a workaround or the need to reboot my iPhone X.

I have to say my advice in particular and all that devices I installed it on have no issues but it is a widespread issue nonetheless Apple did remove it from developer portal, it means there’s something wrong but anyway the first change I want to share with you guys has to do with face ID.

we’re not going to do is face ID we had the smiley face in the center of the UI right there to authenticate and authorize payment and that confirmed that your face was being scanned

Now with beta 7 Apple removed the smiley face and there was just a square icon and then the spin and then you authenticate and you pay but the smiley face gave us so much character and Apple brought it back and I’m happy that they did because they I mentioned they removed that in beta 6 and you see there now that in beta 7 is back so a lot of people are talking about this and Apple brought it back, smiley face to authenticate with face ID, heading over to settings here if we go to Siri and then the series shortcuts option you see here that now Siri shortcuts right here my shortcuts as a separate category you know we have the suggestions separated and it’s now all shortcuts so if we go here to beta 6 for example just so you guys have some sort of reference you see there that my shortcuts were together with suggestions on like beta 7 is now separated.

iOS 12 Beta 7 More Features updated and Changes

the last but not least I want to share with you guys a splash screen for the ebooks application now this blast screen is not new it’s been around for quite some time I believe beta 3 or beta 4 but I haven’t had a chance to share with you guys and there was a few things that I wanted to point out about this one you see here the continue button when it’s usually blue this one’s black with white letters he’s usually blue with white letters and the two guys there shaking hands is usually blue as well you’re seeing there we have darker shades for this privacy setting icon usually this is what it looks like and for whatever reason this is the only splash screen that I’ve seen it has the blue button or the dark button and the white letters instead of the blue as well as the icon there but it just something that I was a little curious about it I wanted to share with you guys but anyway that’s everything I wanted to share with you, let me know your experience .

iOS 12 Beta 7 More Features updated and Changes



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