iOS 13 Checkra1n Jailbreak How to fix Errors

The most amazing tool for years for jailbreak iOS is this maga checkra1n jailbreak tool. the world’s first iOS 13 jailbreak. was released to the public.

The first version of the tool is still in beta tag and there are plenty of issues with it. If you have been trying to jailbreak your iPhone 5S up to iPhone X or iPad using checkra1n you may notice some troubles. So here some solutions you should do.


Depending on what device you are using, there is many issues that you can run into while using checkra1n to jailbreak it. We have listed the solutions to some of the most common issues that most iPhone or iPad users running iOS 13 have been facing while trying to use checkra1n to jailbreak their device.

Use always the latest version Checkra1n

Incompatible Device:

  • iPad Air 2
  • 5th gen iPad
  • 1st gen iPad Pro

iOS 13 Checkra1n Jailbreak How to fix Errors

Error -20

If you are getting an Error -20 while trying to jailbreak your iPhone using checkra1n, try using a different Lightning cable. If you are using a USB-C to Lightning cable, switch to a USB-A to Lightning cable. Also, make sure to download the very latest release of checkra1n.

iPhone X Not Booting into DFU Mode

Not able to get your iPhone X to boot into DFU mode despite following all the steps properly? Blame the wire. Users have reported that their iPhone X does not boot into DFU mode when they use a USB-C to Lightning cable. A USB-A to Lightning cable, however, works just fine.

Also, it is much better to put iphone X in DFU mode outside of checkra1n:

iPhone X: How To Enter DFU Mode and Restore!

Jailbreak Process Failing for iPhone 5S

If you have been unable to jailbreak your iPhone 5S using checkra1n 0.9.2, downgrade to an older release. The 0.9.2 release of the tool breaks iPhone 5S support and the developers are yet to release a newer version of the tool with the necessary fix.


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iPhone X: How To Enter DFU Mode and Restore!

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