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iOS 12 Protect individual Apps with PASSCODE

IOS 12 Protect individual Apps with PASSCODE. Today we going to show you how to lock apps individually with your customized passcode sort of a secondary layer of security for your iOS device. if you have an iPad laying at home where you share your main passcode with everyone but you still want to protect content this can be very useful because you can block applications individually with a passcode.

The same thing applies for iPhone in case you ever leave your iPhone unlocked somewhere people won’t be able to access to certain applications, because you’ll have that second layer of protection. how to do this is gonna be using the screen time from iOS12 beta1

Screen time the main purpose of this first off is a parental control tool for children, if you want to go ahead and have some parental control over their digital activities and of course for your digital health as well . You can monitor how long you’ve been using applications and try to stay away from your device as long as you can using this tool because it gives you all the information.

The secondary aspect that we saw with this new option for iOS 12 is a second security layer for app protection, now let me show you why I’m saying that now first off you want to go ahead and set a passcode.

iOS12 Protect individual Apps with PASSCODE

How you can set the applications to be protected using screen time. The first thing you want to do is go into app limits this is where you can set limits on applications on how long you’ll be able to use those applications.

you can protect ios12 photos apps , music  for example if you have an iPad laying around at home where everybody knows the passcode you have a secondary passcode and now when you click ignore it’ll give you the option for 15 more minutes or ignore for the entire day so with a 15 more minutes you enter the passcode it locks itself again no-one can get access to it unless of course they know the passcode.  you can go ahead and remove the limit for the entire day if you wish to do so, what if you want to do individual apps , will also work for individual apps. the app will automatically lock itself . For example the imessages app you can add passcode in order to protect with a passcode and it will lock itself by same rules.


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