iPhone 8 iPhone X photo camera review

iPhone 8 iPhone X photo camera review. There are a bunch of updates that should appeal in the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. The one question most upgraders are going to be asking is how good is the camera? Yes the iPhone does 100 dozen other things. more and more the camera system in the iPhone is becoming the central focus of its technological advancements.

iphone 8 iphone X photo camara review

iPhone 8 iPhone X photo camera review

The wide and telephoto sensors in the iphone 8 + have both been updated. The system has 83 percent more throughput which allows for more data to be passed through in a more efficient manner. As will help with rapid-fire images but more importantly it allows for the enormous amount of information and needs to be pushed through the pipeline to support 4k video at 60 frames a second. Super slow-mo 1080p at 240 frames per second. For the cinematographers, you also now get 4k at 24 frames per second.

The noise reduction system in the iPhone 8 & 8 plus has also been updated. Previous noise reduction systems were done by software that noise reduction led sometimes a painterly effect almost a blurry softening that took place as a byproduct of that noise reduction. Now we have a built in Hardware multiband noise reduction system that leads to reduced noise and sharpened images.

iphone 8 iphone X photo camara review

Apple has also reduced shutter lag by deepening the frame buffer capturing the series of images before you even touch the shutter button. So that when you do fire that camera off the fires instantly capturing the moment you intended it’s also introduced slow sync flash automatically. Detecting when your subjects in the foreground and ignore. Leave the shutter open a little bit longer to allow the background to fill in. The marquee feature of the iPhone 8 plus is portrait lighting by using deep learning in computer vision. This mode finds faces in an image, detects the planes and angles that need to be lit and applies a variety of different lighting, styles.

The user can choose from either before or after the picture is taken. Subjects are almost without fail painted appropriately but the different styles of light a top-down studio style light a contoured dramatic light.

iPhone 8 iPhone X photo camera review

iPhone 8 iPhone X photo camera review

Enhances the stage lighting modes that drop the background out. Transforming a regular lame snapshot into something you’re proud to throw on. The gram or even print out the stage lighting takes a bit more effort but when you nail it when the software is able to do its job. Accurately it really stuns it can produce images that feel professional.

Would take dozens of lights and pieces of equipment to pull off . That’s not a huge shock because that’s what Apple did to get this right. They took hundreds or thousands of shots using professional lighting rigs. Set up by master photographers and cinematographers then they distilled those down to a set of master characteristics.

Figured out how to reproduce them computationally the feature is still in beta but this is a look into the future of photography. All photography not just on smartphones though that’s quickly becoming the primary way that most people shoot pictures. The improvements in the new iPhone 8 as a camera this year Apple has done something really incredible. With the portrait lighting mode which is why if you’re in the market for a new iPhone I recommend the iphone 8 , 8 plus or the iphone X.



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