iPhone X Drop Test screen iphone 10 durability

iPhone X Drop Test screen iPhone 10 durability. iPhone X Brutal DROP Test. How Durable Is The Expensive iPhone X With Stainless Steel Borders & OLED Display? Super Impressive. The iPhone 10 drop test. this ridiculously priced device it costs a fortune. we know you don’t want to break it but in this video, you will see how durable is it this thing. Is made of stainless steel which is a material Apple doesn’t use very often in their products especially on the outside.

it makes it look beautiful but how’s the durability of it on the front and back? we’ve got the most durable glass, Apple says,  on any smart phone ever. So we’ll have to see that as well and we’ve already show you a test with the iPhone 8. We wanted to go ahead and throw that in here as a reference point so the iPhone 10 versus a normal smartphone.  Is it more or less durable?

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So believe it or not this screen costs about five hundred and seventy nine dollars to replace out of warranty. A screen repair is a little under three hundred dollars so you don’t want to break the display on this thing definitely.  Protect it but if you want to use it naked how will the durability do?  So for the first test we actually wanted to use some cases and this new iphone because we wanted to throw a case on both of these and just drop them and see how the internals do before we get into testing the glass. we going to see the durability and by the way with an in-warranty cost with Apple Care Plus, it’s only $29. So it’s not so bad at all even if you break it, best insurance or best case you can get is Apple Care Plus. Let’s see the video.

iPhone X Drop Test screen iphone 10 durability



How force reboot or hard reset iPhone x



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