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iPhone X Pre-order Time in Your Time Zone

iPhone X Pre-order Time in Your Time Zone. today we want to give you five tips that will help to preorder iPhone 10.

Now we all know on October 27 the pre-orders will go on sale. There you’re supposed to start delivering on November 3rd. From what we know the rumors are that they’re only gonna have like two million iPhones ready for pre-orders. We all know Apple iPhone sales and they always sell out on their launch day.

  1. So it’s gonna be pretty hard to get your hands on one of these iPhone X at launch. The first thing you’re going to want to do is downloading the Apple Store app. That’s the fastest way that you’re gonna be able to get a pre-order in website. Always goes down and crashes and is behind schedule for every iPhone launch. Do not use their online store, use the app on your iPhone or your iPad to place your order.
  2. Make sure that your credit card details and billing details are correct before you try placing your order. Go into your Apple ID account and make sure that your billing address is correct and that your credit card number is up to date as well as the expiration date and the security code number three and this is really easy to do. Because it’s baked into the Apple Store app is use Apple pay press your thumb on that touch ID and just let it take care of everything.
  3. If you’re part of Apple’s upgrade program where you can get a new phone every year by paying installments for the phone every month then starting Monday you can go to and get your paperwork started for the upgrade of the iPhone X which is gonna save you a lot of time and possibly get your pre-order in the day that they launched
  4. If you have multiple devices if you have an iPad or an extra iPhone or something you can access the Apple Store app with have a couple of them online with your billing details and everything lined up so that have one device crashes or you can’t get on with one you have another one that you can just keep refreshing and be trying to get that pre-order.

iPhone X Pre-order Time in Your Time Zone


iPhone X Pre-order Time in Your Time Zone



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