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iphone XR review UNBOXING

Is the New iPhone XR worth buying?

iPhone XR review UNBOXING. I’m sure you guys want to see some close-ups of this new iphone XR so talk about iPhone XR. they do have glass panels on the front and back now the glass is the same as what we’ve got on the actual and iphone Xs and XS MAX . Apple are calling this the most durable glass on any smartphone out right now . from the dop test that I’ve seen of the iphone xs it does seem very very durable.

iphone XR review UNBOXING

iphone XR review UNBOXING

iphone XS and iphone XS Max iphone XR

Now there’s a metal band around this but this is aluminum. it is not stainless steel like we’ve got on the iphone x and iphone Max . because we have the glass back on the 10xr this does mean that we have wireless charging. what i do really like however is that the band is color-coded and it will be color coded for each of the different colors . for the red you’ll get red band for the yellow you get yellow band and for the blue here we have a blue band. about this display this is what Apple are calling a liquid Retina display is 6.1  inches and it’s using LCD technology not OLED like the 10S and 10’s max. which are superior displays and have high contrast ratios but Apple are saying that the 10r has the most color accurate LCD display in the industry.

iphone XR review UNBOXING. I can tell you the colors look very very nice on this . we got very similar design from iphone X, a small border bezel with a notch.  now this board is slightly thicker compared to the Xs and XS max. it’s something that I’m noticing just because i know the this but I don’t think most people will notice this unless you hold them side by side.

Speaking of holding them side by side here we have the iPhone at XR , XS max for a size and XR comparison the iPhone XR has a 6.1 inch display and that sits nicely in with these two the XS and Xs Max has a 6.5 inch display and the X and Xs have a 5.8 inch display.

iphone XR review UNBOXING


There’s also no 3d touch on the Xr this is the pressure-sensitive display but you do have something called haptic touch. the way haptic touch works is that you can just press a little longer on a few items it’s gonna bring up the additional options. This doesn’t work on the icons but the area where normally  3d touch most people use works good. you can use haptic touch on the spacebar to move the cursor around and it still does pretty much the same thing.

let’s talk about the resolution display

The iPhone X R PS technology; 1792-by-828-pixel resolution at 326 ppi resolution, that’s roughly about an 8 20 P resolution which is higher than 720p but lower than 1080p. I think the Xr is targeted at people potentially using an iPhone 6 or maybe even an iPhone 7 and this has the same PPI as those devices 326. For people coming from those iPhones I really don’t think they’re gonna be noticing much of a difference in terms of sharpness. ( details )

The camera iphone XR

The camera is the same from the iPhone XS and I can safely say that this is gonna be one of the best cameras out there I’ve been using the iPhone X max quite a lot and I’ve been very very impressed especially with dynamic range in the video. I would go to say that the iPhone XS Max and now potentially the 10r has the best video on any smartphone.

iphone XR review UNBOXING

Is the New iPhone XR worth buying?


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