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iPhone XS eSIM – Supported Devices, Activation, Supported Lines, eSIM is revolutionary. Apple launched eSIM in iPhone this year with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. According to carrier service provider, eSIM can be added to an iPhone at a time, but only 1 can be used at a time along with 1 physical sim, in total 2 SIM (number) at a time. You don’t need to change physical SIM, if you are using multiple for some reason, maybe in roaming for data purposes. I suppose this feature will be standard in future from all the mobile manufacturers.

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today we going to show how to insert a nano sim card into the brand new iPhone XS Max and discuss about the dual sim options which are now available on the new iPhones.

iPhone XS eSIM - Supported Devices, Activation, Supported Lines
iPhone XS eSIM – Supported Devices, Activation, Supported Lines

This only works on my iPhone XS iPHONE XS MAX  and XR to enables eSIM option. This iPhone XS supports eSIM + a dedicated nano-SIM slot. With this ios 12 updates, you will now be able to add eSIM.

How you can add eSIM on iPhone XS. its an easy process is simple and really quick.

 it available yet?

Not yet full supported, a lot of the carriers are not supporting the activation yet especially not on the iPhone, t-mobile does not have the activation or information ready yet for you to connect the iPhone to their server. AT&T as well having an issue with voicemail so they’re doing internal testing right now. Sprint does not support esim on the iPhone at all they are not one of the support carriers and Verizon again does not have these stuff ready to activate the iPhone at the moment but they will. It EUROPE the same problem some companies are still preparing the tecnology to support this eSIM card.

Can you add more than one cellular plan?

yes and no you can have two sim plans, one being with your actual physical SIM card but you cannot add more than one eSim account at the same time. you cannot add multiple accounts to the same iphone and switch between them. you can only have two accounts one with the physical and one with esim. if you want to switch the esim to another carrier you have to deactivate it and activate it on another carrier.

This is only supported on the iPhone Xs and X MAX as well as the XR.


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