Jailbreak disabled/passcode Checkra1n patched iOS14.4

A9 14.3/4 Only Jailbreak

Jailbreak Hello screen A9/A10/A11, iOS14.3 

Open “terminal” ubuntu, then download checkra.in from mozilla, when done put in desktop – Use a USB PENDRIVE to download files.

For terminal command :

1. sudo passwd root

2. su

2. sudo apt-get update -y 

3. sudo apt-get install usbmuxd -y

5. ls

6. cd Desktop

7. ls

8. chmod +x checkra1n

9. (Put your phone into dfu mode first (at charging not on pc/laptop))

10. ./checkra1n -c -v

11. (While dfu mode, then plug to laptop/pc)

12. (Wait untill “All Done” , if failed on keyboard “CTRL+C” then try again point 10)

13. (Done)

NEW PATCH 12.2 CheckRa1nRG (No Need Mina)

For disabled/passcode device

A9 14.3/4 Only Jailbreak

Download Checkra1n patched


1. Put into desktop

2. Open terminal

3. sudo chmod -R 755 (drag and drop the resources file)

4. Press enter, and put ur password macos

5. Then start the “checkra1n”

How to Jailbreak iOS 14.4 iPhone 6s 6s+ DISABLED/PASSCODE ONLY (NEED MAC):

1. Jailbreak using checkra1n 0.12.1 GUI official

2. Go to Diagnotics mode (Your phone, youtube it, for how to)

3. Open MinaUSB Patcher 1.1, Then Patch

4. Jailbreak using checkra1n 0.11.0 GUI Official (while diag mode screen)

5. Wait until 

“All Done”

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