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Lots of iPhone X being openly carried around by Apple employees

Lots of iPhone X being openly carried around by Apple employees.

This year’s iPhone announcement was bound to be a big deal it’s the tenth anniversary the first Iphone. The first event apples ever make in the Steve Jobs theater at the new Apple campus in Cupertino valley. here it is the one we’ve been hearing for months, Apple release the smartphone of the future, the crazy new thing, iPhone X it looks like the iPhone expert you say it like iphone 10 this is what they call. basically, that starts with the screen it’s all screens there’s a little notch up at the top of the screen where it cuts out for some of the sensors. All you’re looking at is a 5.8-inch screen that fills the body top to bottom the phone is actually about the same size as the iPhone 7 but has a much bigger screen. So this phone is important for a lot of reasons the biggest one is augmented reality (AR) there are super impressive cameras on both the front and back of the iPhone X.

It can do mapping of your face onto filters they can play augmented reality games behind you in your living room. They’re designed to be not just phones but vessels to this whole other digital world on the other side signify all sorts of new things you can unlock your phone with your face seems a little awkward it didn’t always work for you actually hold up your phone and look at it and it will see your face and unlock that way it’s was to be more secure and easier and will have to see about all those things.

The phone feels amazing it’s really really good looking it’s $1000 but it feels like a phone you might actually want to pay $1000 for the whole story is the screen it’s the front-facing camera it’s the emoji . It’s the fastest most impressive phone apples ever made I made a big deal out of it being the future and It just feels different in a way that I think has been a long time.It has no home button so you have to do it swipe up from the bottom to get a multitasking and you click on the side to get to cydia and we really rethought everything about the I thought coming into this one. So the iPhone X which is very much sort of a concept future car but this is already here coming out this month. it starts at $1000 and if what we’re hearing is true it’s going to be really hard to get your hands on. but it looks apple employees already using the iPhone X.

iphone x released

Lots of iPhone X being openly carried around by Apple employees.

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