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First Public macOS High Sierra – What’s New?

First Public macOS High Sierra – What’s New?

At WWDC Apple announced the new MacOS 10.13 this version is called high Sierra and it doesn’t bring too many new features but the changes are pretty big ones.

  • First of all is the new apple file system. This is a new file system that currently is running in iOS. from a user standpoint shouldn’t really affect how you use a computer but it is more safe and secure more efficient with flash storage the mean things to expect when using this is just a faster and more responsive computer. with this new format there’s also native support for high-efficiency video encoding, also known as H265 this is a better way to encode video which will make your file smaller but also retain the quality. Plus there is now an update the metal to metal 2 to focuses on graphics and with this update has support from machine learning external GPUs and support for V. R. Metal 2 provides near-direct access to the graphics processing unit. this is mainly for developers but it should also bring a smoother VR animation.
  • MacOS as far as user features in safari now has the ability to block auto playing videos so no longer do you have to worry about those annoying loud ads. also there is support for intelligent tracking prevention for ads which protect your privacy. This won’t stop ads but it will stop the personalization of them. Also you can customize your browsing experience side by side.
  • Email there are improvements, your message just take up to 35 percent less space.
  • Siri also been updated with a new voice and can answer at more music related questions.
  • Now there is support for iMessage, will sync between devices and iCloud drive file sharing and in photos there are now more editing tools so you have curves and selective color there are new filters and there’s better support for third-part integration for photos and videos. also in photos there is the same support that we’re getting in iOS11 like life photo editing updates memories and the people album, can now be sync between devices

macOS High Sierra – What’s New?


macOS High Sierra - What's New?

  • That is what’s coming in mac O. S. high Sierra. 

its a small feature update but comes with big improvements in the back and it’s the first version. things may change. be sure to stay tuned idevicehacks for any updates.


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