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Merruk iCloud bypass technical instructions

Merruk iCloud bypass technical instructions

iCloud bypass is no longer called doulCi, it goes Open Source with the name merruk iCloud bypass 

I must say myicloud investigate all icloud bypass methods since 2014 by other words I met doulci method to bypass icloud using a fake server, when doulci was the amazing team. the famous team that developed the icloud unlock activation also release one application at the time called doulci icloud Activator . This method was the first icloud unlock  using a magic host ip. They unlock many iDevices using 7.1.1 firmware and lower.

doulCi team icloud bypass

The doulci team was AquaXetine, MerrukTechnolog and big support minacriss. Today they work in a different direction . for what i understand they don’t even talk anymore . The Merruk files doulCi kitchen, a.k.a 2.0, were leaked in 2015 and all doulci fell apart. 

MerrukTechnolog the ex doulci for surprise and contradicting his interventions on twitter saying will not speak any more about icloud bypass he releases on his webpage one of best articles about the most famous icloud bypass hacking tool. i am sharing here his article the doulci concept will allow many of you to draw inspiration, because it can be very useful and I think it’s a whole new method for iOS hacking.

the ex doulci files leaked you can download it here :

doulCi kitchen, a.k.a 2.0
Merruk iCloud bypass detailed technical instructions: From the beginning.

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This is a list of the steps needed for a complete bypass and the very basic tools for success.

1 ) an iDevice with iOS version 7.1.2 or lower.
2 ) ideviceactivate from github repo (or any activation proxy that you can control)
3 ) start an activation for the locked device with a custom server that will read the locked device info, and send them to the kitchen then await a reply (see step 5)
4 ) a way to make doulCi kitchen device accept a request containing the locked iDevice info from step 3 and store them somewhere (python or php may be the easiest methods for parts 3 and 4)
5 ) a MobileSubstrate tweak to check for existence of previously-stored info and hooking up the necessary internal libraries functions with our desired data “search for…, replace with…”.
6 ) invoke activation request for the kitchen itself (requiring our device target info) and redirect the result to our iDevice. (custom link to the local server that will save the results in a file, step 3 will read when such file exists.) Doing this achieves the bypass.

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