How to reset the RAM on your iPhone

Today we wanted to share with you a quick tip. How to reset the RAM on your iPhone. This should work for any iPhone out there. This is really simple to do but one of the reasons you might want to do this is maybe your phone is acting strange. It’s acting weird maybe it slowed way down and you’re not sure why. You’ve tried everything else, this might be a quick way to first troubleshoot the issue. Then you can do a hard reset and move on from there to worst-case scenario wiping your phone.

Starting over so you want to try this first now what this does is clears the RAM out of the phone. The iPhone 6 plus have two gigabytes of RAM, the older phones have one gigabyte of RAM. It will just dump that memory. now what it will also do is force close all these apps. It will leave the app but the app will actually have to reload .

How to reset the RAM on your iPhone

What you should to do is make sure you are on the springboard. Hold power button might be on the top if you have an iPhone 5 or older. Once you’ve got the slide the power off just hold the home button down. I’ll push it down and keep it held down until you get back to the home screen.

that wipes the RAM, it took a few seconds and now we’re back to the home screen. Now the way you can check to see if this worked is double tap the home button push the edge depending on what. You’ve got and say we go to Flipboard here we’ll open Flipboard and you’ll see it reloads it blanks the screen and starts and reloads the app again. We can do that with some other apps such as the App Store.

How to reset the RAM on your iPhone

That lets you know it’s been wiped from the memory. It actually has to reload everything so hopefully, i hope this tip helps you out. it’s a really quick and easy tip.


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