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Send to Apple for unlock iCloud

How Send iPhone to Apple for unlock iCloud

The secret of iCloud removers 

Send to Apple for unlock iCloud , How IMEI unlock works This method its not legit but many people with GSX use this, why is so expensive and why take days to unlock your idevice , i write about this issue 3 weeks ago but today we have new information it seems importante, this information is from http://pastebin.com/cKdZQdQg

T.H.E SCOOP ! An member send a scoop . You know the iCloud removal who costs 150$ ? Too much right ? The real price ? 00.00$€ ! Steps :

How it works

You send money and

Generally through an illegal/stolen/hacked GSX account , they do an check of the owner who contain adress / name. With this informations they do an Apple invoice for your iDevice .They send this invoice to Apple for unlock. your device is unlocked ! Cost for you : 150$ , cost for vendor H00000000000000000000


Free steps :
1- Get mail/adress/name of owner.


2- Create an invoice with it. (need GTX account )


3 : Call Apple and say u have invoice for unlock iCloud .


4 : Send to Apple and wait


5 : your device is unlocked ! Cost for you : 0 $


Thanks to the guy who sended this , if he recognize him
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