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Save your blobs with tiketbox for mac

Save your blobs with tiketbox for mac. ticketbox software How save your blobs for future downgrade ticketbox save shsh2 save shsh updated version Ticketbox 0.5.1 is released! What’s new: German localization, fixed issues with 10.3.x blobs. Download it here: download tiketbox 0.5.1 for mac   Save iphone blobs tiketbox mac if you …

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Downgrade iphone IOS 10 to ios 9.x

Downgrade iphone IOS 10 to ios 9.x Two developers @alitek123 and @Thmitt have downgraded 9.3.5 -> 9.x , which means that 32 bit devices stuck on 9.3.5 could possibly be jailbroken. Downgrade is possible if you previous saved your blobs . This new method is not working for all devices but …

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how save your blobs for IOS10 Downgrade

shsh-blobs iphone7

how save your blobs for IOS10 Downgrade ticketbox software if you want downgrade your device you need to save your shshs blobs from the signed firmware . in the future if you need downgrade your idevice for many reasons this is what you should have to make downgrade possible. This …

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idevicerestore updated ios 10 iphone 7

download ios10-1

idevicerestore updated ios 10 and iphone 7 libimobiledevice one of the best softwares for iphone ipads and ipods open source software. this tools not only lets you restore your idevice without itunes also is one most software for hack your iphone. This new version is updated to add new kernal information to be compatible with idevicerestore using libimobiledevice files. …

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Downgrade 4s, ipad 2 wifi 3g gsm was never so easy

downgrade software without shshs

Downgrade 4s, ipad 2 wifi 3g gsm was never so easy Froyo new tool to downgrade your idevice @Renouri a ios developer start making a smart windows software to downgrade iphone 4s, ipad2 wifi/3g . this new software works based on the recently downgrade method call Odysseus. This means you can downgrade …

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New method to Downgrade without SHSH blobs

New method to Downgrade with SHSHs A5 OdysseusOTA tool allows you to downgrade iPhone 4s and iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3 without SHSH blobs This tool is for everyone who saved his SHSHs using TinyUmbrella and is attempting to downgrade his iDevice using Odysseus. TinyUmbrella stores all SHSHs in one …

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