Top 5 DJ Mixing App For iOS & iphone ipad

Top 5 DJ Mixing App For iOS & iphone ipad. In this post, we going to show you five useful iPhone and ipad apps to DJ.  find out which ones those are good for you. so the first piece of software we have up is algorithm DJ prothis is one of the first DJ software’s that was out for iOS for both iPad and iPhone.

this software has a bunch of hardware support a bunch of controllers that you can purchase usually most of them are budget controllers. so if you’re just getting into DJing you can grab a controller for cheap, grab this software and you’re good to go. also if you’re just on the go so you’re at a party or something or you know awkward DJing in the whip with your friends. you can play with just your iPhone or your ipad. A pretty good piece of software super solid for DJing has a bunch of features that you would need for DJing. all the usual stuff effects key. so great piece of software be sure to check it out. check here 

Top 5 DJ Mixing App For iOS & iphone ipad

Next up we have pioneer DJ weDJ the mobile app that accompanies their controllers again like algorithm DJ before it you can just DJ without the controller and just this piece of software pioneer makes crazy good controllers as well as the software works perfectly with the the controllers you get great effects pioneer level effects features like pad control for cue points effects etc loops a lot of the features that you would see on a pioneer controller you get within just the software so if you have an iPad this is a great piece of software they just released for iPhone recently.

Top 5 DJ Mixing App For iOS & iphone ipad

Great piece of software I would say the iPad version is a little bit better but you can get by with just the iOS version for iPhone if you’re in a pinch or you’re just on the go so another great piece of DJ software to stay with the whole pioneer DJ live.

we got going on the next few software is Record box now this you can’t actually DJ with what . this is good for is either for two things you can throw a bunch of songs on your iPhone and prepare them while you’re on the go say you’re like on the subway or on the bus or train or something like that and you need to just have some time to kill you need something to do you can throw all the songs that you haven’t analyzed yet in record box on your computer throw them on your phone go ahead and analyze them on your phone set your cue points set your loops set your beat grid and you’re good to go you can transfer them back to your computer and then onto a flash drive and you’re good to go that way or the second way to use the software is you can actually just prepare your phone the way you would prepare a record box flash drive.

Top 5 DJ Mixing App For iOS & iphone ipad

iPhones now have over a hundred gigabytes of storage. you can have basically a whole flash drive full of song fully prepared plug your phone right into the deck and use your phone just like you would use a flash drive . you can think of it as one less thing to carry or the way . is have a couple backup tracks on your phone at all times . you have an emergency backup of something good .forbid happen to your flash drive and your backup flash drive hopefully you have one of those you have your phone with record box on it that you can plug in and you’re good to go.

the next piece of software is from turntables – is table beats this is a looper which basically means a bunch of instrumentals a bunch of loops from tons of great producers a bunch of producers that I actually now shout out to all the homies out there that have contributed to table beats this got really popular with the whole portable n’t as you can see in these photos so just having a portable turntable going into a speaker and having your phone out with a loop or going so just endless beats for endless cut sessions and this cue is and what’s great about this software is they keep adding more beats to it so once you get to download you’re not just stuck with whatever beats are available at the time they keep adding on and keep adding even more tracks and all those songs on here are pretty dope a lot of great stuff to cut too and there’s going to be even more great stuff to cut to in the future.

Top 5 DJ Mixing App For iOS & iphone ipad

the last piece of software is not necessarily DJ related its native instruments iMaschine is more of a production software but I would say the majority of DJ’s out there have at least dabbled in production this is probably one of the easiest and I think one of the best production software on iOS and what’s great about this is you can start constructing a beat on your phone and then save it and once you get home.

Top 5 DJ Mixing App For iOS & iphone ipad

if you have a iMASCHINE 2 for your laptop you can go ahead and plug your phone in sync it grabs the song that you started while you’re away from home and finish it on the actual computer. so it’s a great way to get ideas get sketches for beats. I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there that produce that are like me where you have a bunch of ideas flowing through your head but you’re not by your computer you’re not in the studio so this is a great way to just get those ideas out and get them down before you forget them so those are five best music DJ software.

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