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Top free apps for iphone to download 2018

Top free apps for iphone to download 2018. Today’s post wanted to share with you guys three iPhone apps I think are definitely worth a download and I think you are going to really enjoy.

Let me show you the first application I want to talk about is TV movies and TV shows this is a free service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows absolutely free completely legal no credit card required. You’re not gonna get the latest movies in this service but you don’t have to do anything we can just start watching.  Not even create an account it’ll ask you some of your preferences. if you want to do that you can skip it if you will and then it gives you suggestions based on that.

The great thing about it is this has a lot of the classic movies. I have some of the new movies and TV shows but most of them are classic movies and TV shows that are awesome to go back and watch and I really really appreciated like this application links :

Top free apps for iphone to download 2018
Top free apps for iphone to download 2018

Tubi TV – Movies & TV Shows


Next application is more for those of you who have those legacy devices 16-gigabyte devices really old devices that really need that space back. it’s gonna be magic cleaner this application that will allow you to clean your device from any junk files left behind it’s absolutely free.  It’s ad-supported but what it does is really really neat it cleans all the files that get left behind from glinting photos maybe deleting messages.  You’ll see there it does have ads but for being free I think it’s one of the best alternatives to clean your old files from device especially as I mentioned those legacy devices with 16 gigabytes. Get some of that storage back on your device, works flawlessly very easily I just recovered a hundred and fifty megabytes. check it out those legacy device owners are gonna really really enjoy this one magic phone and cleaner:

Top free apps for iphone to download 2018
Top free apps for iphone to download 2018

Magic Phone Cleaner


The 3 app I have its a music app i want to share with you guys because this app will allow you to listen and discover new music inside of this application. You have five tabs across the bottom you have your search your charts then you have your songs and then playlists in settings so you can search individual songs of course. check out the latest 100’s top music or just check out any genre that you would like go ahead.  check it out and then once you tap into a song if you tap the plus button on the right here it’s gonna allow to cache the song into the application so you’re not downloading the song. it’s not really your song but it is cached into the app so as long as you have the application you listen to the song offline once you delete the app then the songs will be gone because they’re cached into the app not really downloaded. You can download as many songs as you want to listen offline later if you’re all going on a flight or something like that you can even create custom playlists over here so it’s pretty cool app:

free music app for iphone
free music app for iphone

Music On – Play any hot music 



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