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What’s new on watchOS 5

What’s new on watchOS 5. WatchOS5 is The newest version of the software for the Apple Watch. we going to show you everything that’s new in watch OS 5. Siri Shortcuts, a feature also coming to iOS 12. Siri ShortcutsWatchOs5 makes Fitness even better, view links on your watch and more.

What's new on watchOS 5
What’s new on watchOS 5

WatchOs5 Fitness updates

WatchOs5 makes Fitness more competitive by allowing you to challenge your friends to close rings over a seven day period.  throughout the whole competition, you receive notifications to tell you how your opponent is getting on and to help push you to keep going. the winner is whoever gains the most points and they’ll receive an animated award the same way you do when you complete a challenge. also if you forgot to start and also stop the workouts on the watch, well in watchOS5 will reminders when the watch thinks you were starting or stopping the workout.

You can toggle these on or off with the Apple watch up on your iPhone where you will also find a toggle for an auto pause feature for running workouts so if you take a short break to catch a breath the running workout will automatically pause. Apple also added two new workouts for Taurus 5 bringing options for yoga and hiking. now the yoga workout mainly works from your heartbeats and of course, Apple attests to their accuracy.

Apple has added a new cadence metric which is how many steps per minutes for indoor and outdoor runs as well as the new pace on for outdoor runs that alerts users when they are ahead or behind their designated target.

What’s new on watchOS 5

What's new on watchOS 5
What’s new on watchOS 5

The new walkie talkie

The new walkie-talkie feature you can add friends to the app then whilst you can push the talk the watch will send a voice message to your friends over Wi-Fi or LTE . You also be apple to watch streaming on-the-go episodes of your favorite podcasts will automatically sync to the Apple watch. where you can use the app to navigate them or just ask Siri.  Your favorite podcast will automatically play.

New update: view links

New update: view links that people send to you is going to come, you can see for example a menu from a website you can now see all of the texts and even some pictures. It just takes a second or two to load but when it finally comes to real works great full web browsing on your watch it doesn’t make sense but being able to see quick glances at things like restaurant menus will definitely come in handy as with iOS 12 apple watch.

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